Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Update

In a lot of ways it feels like we are living in the calm before a storm. A few short months from now our lives will be turned upside down with a new baby, traveling around the U.S., and then moving to Africa! We are definitely excited about these changes, but in the meantime are enjoying the quiet routine of “normal life” and the time we can spend together as a couple.

We praise God that Sara was able to persevere through her terrible morning sickness and is finally able to enjoy her pregnancy. Our friends and family have been incredibly supportive and generous, with three baby showers planned for Sara. We feel so very loved!

Since returning from Africa, John-‐Mark has kept in touch with his Liberian friends who are ministering in the Voinjama area. We have been encouraged by good news of development in the town, including a new technical college, hospital, grocery store and even paved roads in the

Even more exciting, God is continuing to work in supernatural ways to bring the Manya people to Himself. In one village, a young Muslim man named Amara was awoken from his sleep early one Sunday morning by a knock on his door. He heard a voice say, “Go to the church. Jesus needs you.” He got up quickly and ran to the door, but to his surprise saw no one outside. He later went to church and gave his life to Christ. Another woman said she found no peace in Islam. Her heart would race every time she went to the mosque. She says now, “When I talk about Christ I am free."

We look forward to joining these brothers and sisters in Christ in Liberia and working with them to translate God’s Word into the Manya language. We are making good progress towards our goal of moving to Liberia. Currently we have 34% of our monthly support needs promised, and about 17% of our start-‐up costs raised. Please pray for us during this period of transition. Would you also prayerfully consider how you
might help us meet our financial goals? We look forward to seeing how
God will provide for our needs in His time.

In Christ,

John-‐Mark and Sara Sheppard