Monday, April 6, 2015

April Update

We made it! We survived a Wisconsin winter! It is encouraging to see signs of spring, and with Easter just around the corner, to think about the hope and new life that is possible because of the Resurrection of our Savior.          

We thank God for the opportunity we had to travel to Dallas, TX recently to attend a trauma healing seminar. We met up with other missionaries who are doing Bible translation across the border from us in Guinea. It was a helpful and healing time as we processed together the various trials we have faced in Africa. We hope to be able to take what we have learned, and use it to help Liberians who have been affected by Ebola. We stayed a few days after the seminar and we able to meet with supporters and other friends from Liberia. One of the highlights was going to the zoo with Dr. Kent Brantley and his family. It’s been amazing to see how God spared his life from Ebola, and now has given him an incredible platform to share the gospel on TV and with world leaders.

Our family is doing well. Sara still struggles with some nausea, but the worst of it seems to be over. Audrey turns three on April 4th, and couldn’t be more excited about her birthday party. Noah has turned into a little copycat, and follows Audrey around everywhere, doing exactly what she does.

John-Mark will be heading to Liberia on April 16. He plans to spend five weeks there to prepare the way for our family’s return in October. The belongings we packed in June 2012 FINALLY arrived on a container in Liberia late last year. John-Mark will send our stuff by truck to Voinjama, and then begin work on home improvements. There’s lots to be done, including renovating our kitchen, installing a solar system with a 12v fridge and freezer, repairing plumbing problems, and setting up a washing machine. He will also reconnect with friends and ministry partners, and work through the book of Mark with his language helpers.

Last year, we were not sure if and when we would be able to return to Liberia. Through this and other circumstances, we have learned that we need to hold our plans with open hands. We praise God for the great progress we have seen in the fight against Ebola in Liberia, with just a handful of cases remaining in the Monrovia area. It may be some time before the disease is completely eradicated from West Africa, but with improved public awareness and resources now in place for rapid testing and treatment, we are confident that the worst is behind us. Ni Ala ka diɲa (If God agrees), we look forward to returning soon to continue the mission for which He has called us.

Praise & Pray:
Praise for progress in the fight against Ebola
Praise for a healthy pregnancy so far
Pray for a safe and productive trip to Liberia for John-Mark
Pray for Sara as she holds down the fort at home, while John-Mark is gone