Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Loco - Fried Plantain with Spaghetti Soup Recipe

Option A:

6-8 sweet potatoes or eddoes

Boil potatoes or eddoes and peel. Cut into chunks. Set aside. Keep warm. 

Option B: 
3/4 cup vegetable oil
5 plantains, cut in 1 inch chunks
3 chicken bouillon cubes

1. Heat vegetable oil in electric skillet. 
2. Carefully place plantain chucks in oil in single layer
3. Mash 2 bouillon cubes and sprinkle on plantain chunks.
4. Flip plantain and sprinkle another mashed bouillon cube.
5. Fry until starting to brown.
6. Set aside until spaghetti is ready. 

Loco - Small Spaghetti Soup (to be used as topping or mixed in with sweet potatoes, eddoes or plantains)

3/4 cup vegetable oil
1 medium onion
3 small hot peppers
2 cups hot water
4-5 chicken bullion cubes
2 oz can tomato paste
1/2 bag of tiny spaghetti noodles

1. In a food processor, process onion and hot peppers until they are minced as small as possible.

2. Heat oil in skillet. Add the onion-pepper paste and fry 3-4 minutes.

3. While the onion-pepper paste is frying, dissolve 3-4 chicken bullion cubes and 2 ounces tomato paste in 2 cups of hot water.

4. Add 1/2 bag of the small small spaghetti noodles to the onion-pepper mixture and stir-fry in the oil until well coated. Add extra oil as needed.

5. Add the water-tomato-bullion mixture and stir. Allow to boil until noodles are soft. The water should boil down fairly quickly and you'll be left with soft noodles in a bit of oil. I like to stir-fry the noodles a bit longer until some are a getting crunchy. 

6. Serve over chunks of boiled sweet potatoes or eddoes or fried chunks of plantain. If the potatoes, eddoes or plantain are getting cold,  you can add them to the spaghetti soup, mix carefully to reheat.